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Doggy Doodle Do! is an online gathering place where you can learn, laugh and strengthen the bond you share with your canine companion while sharing your experience and stories with others.

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Thoughtful Black Lab in grass


Is Your Dog a Furry Fashionista?

Does she share a closet with you? Does he have outfits to fit every season and celebration?  If so, then it’s her time to shine! Please consider sharing some of your pup’s most glamourous moments with us! We’ll post a page showcasing the celebrity lineup of fashionably dressed doggy divas. Email Doggydoodledo today!

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car ride with happy pup

Fun Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Dog

It’s easy to fall into a rut when time is short and our to-do list is long. Often the first thing to suffer is quality time with our pet.  Get a jumpstart  on enjoying time with your dog by grabbing a few ideas from others…or share a few of your own. How do you like hang out and enjoy time with your best canine friend?

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It’s a Dog’s Life..  

And your dog agreed to share it with you! Your canine companion is a friend to the end that loves you unconditionally and would never willingly leave your side. There’s a lot you can learn from your pup like patience, loyalty and to always turn around 3 times before laying down.

How has your dog made a difference in your life? Email us below…and let us know! Let’s share how our pets have made an impact.

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Bored White Dog


Do Dogs Get Bored?

Do you ever wonder if your dog is bored? Maybe you’ve been busy and haven’t played fetch with Fluffy in awhile and she just lays around. Does all that yawning mean something like it does with humans? 


small dog looking up


What You Should Know About Small Breeds

You’ve been thinking about getting a dog and a smaller breed is just your speed. Small dogs need less exercise, are cute and can fit comfortably on your lap while you watch TV. What’s not to love about small dogs? 


Dogs playing ball in field


Why Playing with Your Pup Should Be a Priority

So your Lab could fetch balls until the sun goes down. Maybe your Goldendoodle won’t stop dumping toys in your lap and your Weimaraner loves to wrestle. Dogs like to play, that’s a fact! So, is playing essential to their well being?



Well dressed dachshund



Oddy is a prince of a guy! He’s a sharp dresser and shares a closet with his human Mom, Jen. Oddy is a miniature dachshund and was so small as a puppy that he could fit in the palm of your hand. He always wants hugs and kisses and loves people so much that he’ll actually pee on you to claim you! He’s quite the talker (even though his mom doesn’t always know what he’s saying) and he prances when he runs.

Dog with a ball on grass



Rusty is a German Shepherd mix who lives with his family in WI. Rusty’s family found him when a litter of puppies were anonymously dropped off at their church. His litter mates all found homes and Rusty was adopted by the church pastor’s family. Today he is a healthy and happy dog with kids to chase him and a big back yard to fetch balls. And his family takes him to church with them too, every Sunday!

A white and black small dog together


Biscuit & Luna

Biscuit and Luna are best buddies and belong to the Sanders family. Biscuit is a toy poodle and Luna is a Havapoo. Luna loves to do tricks and her favorite is to roll over whenever her human family nods at her. Biscuit is a talented little doggy who loves a good sing-a-long. Whenever anyone sings he always barks along with them.

Dog in the kitchen



Bogus lived in Tennessee with his human, John. Bogus was his constant companion and even slept on his bed at night. He was an emotional support dog who helped John with his PTSD. He also kept John in great shape by getting him to swim, play, fetch and chase him around. Sadly, Bogus died in a tragic accident a few months ago. John says he will forever have a place in his heart. Rest in peace Bogus!